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“Water is the driving force of all nature.”

In recent years, Pakistan has observed an alarming decline in the per capita availability of water, reaching perilously close to the scarcity threshold of 1,000 cubic meters per annum. Coupled by the lack of resources and infrastructure, to this day much of the tribal and rural settlements all over the nation remain deprived of water, especially clean sources of drinkable water. A disconcerting amount of these settlements do not have electricity available as well, hence making the provision of water a much greater challenge.

 Yet, it is in times of great distress that the hearts of the people unite, culminating the spirit of empathy to the fullest. As one of the most charitable nations, the people of Pakistan spare no efforts to come to the aid of the distressed in their greatest hours of need. Carrying on the legacy and in the spirit of national duty, Syed Zamir Jafri Foundation and Charity Doings Foundation, in their mutual collaboration, have worked together to play their part towards paving the future and towards the realization of a dream – availability of clean drinking water for all!

With the combined efforts and great zeal showed by the organizations, more than 70 water projects have been successfully installed and are in operation over the nation, in rural areas of Punjab, Sindh and KP provinces. These range from solar operated water turbines to hand pumps, empowering the disheartened locals and enabling them the access to clean drinkable water. Groundwater extraction remains the most optimum solution in order to provide access to clean water in remote areas, which is the underlying objective of these projects.

Furthermore, most of our water extraction projects make use of solar energy source, partially due to unavailability of grid electricity in most of these areas but also to honor the commitment towards the utilization of clean sources of electricity in order to minimize the carbon footprint to the greatest extent. Making use of the advantage of abundant solar irradiation, this energy source is greatly suitable for meeting the required objectives of sustainable development. The scope of these projects include complete lifetime maintenance of the infrastructure as well, ensuring long term commitment towards the cause.

The future objective of both organizations is to expand the coverage of the water provision projects over the nation, and galvanizing the spirit of charity of the nation to encourage the masses to board the ship of this noble cause. Each drop of our individual contributions and efforts will surely one day grow into a vast ocean!



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