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Project Sahara

“Wheels of Progress!”
“There is no greater disability in society, than the inability to see a person as more.”

Project Sahara

All of the misfortunes that fall upon a person, such as homelessness, poverty, and hunger show even worse colors when they befall innocent children who are physically & mentally incapable of providing for themselves owing to their immaturity and gullibility. This is why helping orphans is of special importance in Islam. There are more than four million orphaned children in Pakistan, excluding the thousands that are not documented yet. These children, deserving of good care and education, are left homeless and helpless. The children that are supposed to be our future cannot imagine a good one for themselves.

Charity Doings finds it imperative and of the utmost importance that we extend our help to orphans. Undertaking this task, we launched Project Kafalat. Under the domain of this project, we are sponsoring an orphanage for girls in H-13. The objectives of this sponsorship are not limited to food and clothing, but the entire living expense of every girl in the orphanage. This includes food, water, utilities, clothing, education (both the Quran and regular schooling), healthcare, and security. The purpose of the project is to enable the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of these orphan girls by removing monetary hindrances. Project Kafalat has enabled us to provide a source through which donors can contribute toward better lives and better futures for these orphan girls.

Project Kafalat has recently undertaken the development of the orphanage as well, so that the children can have facilities like Air Conditioners, heaters, and, most recently, an outdoor gym. The aim is not just to provide necessities but also to provide a good quality of life, so that the girls may live in a safe and happy environment, receive the same opportunities as other children, and feel loved and cared for.

Contributions to Project Kafalat ensure that orphaned girls are receiving education and are being given the chance to learn and grow into strong independent women with enough educational fidelity to get them jobs. These girls are being saved from the usual fates of orphaned children which include child labor, abuse & poverty. It is an opportunity instead for them to grow up safely and happily, with the required facilities and care. The status quo for orphaned children usually includes adoption, but the problem with that is the unreliability of the new guardians of the child. They might not provide the ideal love and care we want for these children, and the children could be at a risk for abuse. Most often, they are just made to work as houseworkers and their education and personal growth are neglected. By funding a well-established orphanage, we make sure that these problems are avoided. 

The project is our attempt at aiding the provision of a well-facilitated and safe living environment to the unfortunate orphaned girls at H-13, enabling them to receive their education and have the same opportunities as other children to become good, resourceful, and mindful members of society. It is a way for us to uplift young girls and pave the path for them to become bright, self-serving women, improving not only their futures but
the future of Pakistan as well.