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    The Answers to All Your Questions

    How are your donations spent ?

    For every 100 Rs- we spend :

    • 87 Rs. goes directly to the cause — helping the people in need.
    • 8 Rs. goes in raising more funds.
    • 5 Rs. goes towards administrative costs.

    How much of my donation will go directly to the people in need ?

    For every 100 Rs donation, 87Pkr. will go directly to the program/initiative which it has been collected for.

    For every amount we spend on raising more funds we receive the same back so your donation impact gets doubled, Alhamdulillah. That said all of our donation we raise is used for the help of the people in need because fundraising and administrative cost are essential expenditure to help us achieve our objectives.

    Please note. Donation collected for Zakat shall preserve 100% Donation policy and shall go completely to the cause as it is.

    Are our Donors aware of the CDF admin costs ?

    We have made a disclaimer in CDF official website. Also we clearly declare this to donor upon asking. This information is also included in our organization Profile Report and we periodically undergo audited report lodged with the Charity Commission ICI Islamabad. The Annual profile is distributed to key stakeholders, placed on our websites, promoted on social media handles and also available with Charity Commission ICT.

    Why do we need Admin Cost ?

    It costs money in mobilization, logistics, fuel, team staying (daily allowance) at sites. All these indicators are linked and equally contribute for a successful operation of a program. Also it facilitates in ensuring the people who need it most receive the best possible support and that money is not going to the wrong places.

    Furthermore, admin costs can cover the governance costs i.e. monitoring and evaluation of the projects, ensuring projects are timely delivered. Staff salaries, building utilities, rentals, honorary expenses, volunteer expenses, equipment purchases etc.

    CDF ensures to give the best value for the money to help deliver aid and as well as raising more funds for the people who need it the most.

    How much You invests on fundraising ?

    There are plenty of ways that CDF utilizes in fund raising, We spend 8% of our donation in fund raising, this help to contribute back. As also earlier stated this make the impact and with more donation that gets generated; it adds in doing extended projects for helping the people in need.

    Why other Charities that Claim to have 100% donation policy is not followed in CDF ?

    Its very unlikely for a charity to be able to have 100% donation policy. We think it's just a marketing strategy that helps in getting more donors for fund raising. All charities have an admin cost, if that is not covered by donations, then there has to be some other methods through which they are being fulfilled.

    More-or-less, we believe it is more appropriate to show that admin costs are necessary, and we prefer to be transparent about them.

    Who ensures admin cost are not misused ?

    CDF is backed by an external ACS firm for all the financial transactions/cores confidence, which submits the report to the government accounting institutions every quarter. All the government levy W.H.T's are paid in purchasing of equipment for the projects and are being monitored with a complete set of documentation. Every closing of the financial year the returns are submitted and audits are done, thereafter the reports are submitted to charity commissions and FBR institutions.

    We believe that charities must be scrutinized and audited to ensure that the public's hard-earned money is used in the most effective way to help people in need and to maintain trust with its donors.

    Why can't CDF work for Free or volunteer their time ?

    The staff working for CDF resides in all the four provinces of Pakistan, and they are remotely working on full-time basis. They are professionals who bring with them right set of knowledge and skill-set a necessary ingredient to run the NGO affairs to meet the donor expectation in highest standards. So to carry-forward our esteemed valuable repute with best possible outcomes to our donors; it requires a cost inform of salaries to our staff so they can send money to their houses and support their families and deliver their best in charity missions of CDF.

    Mostly all CDF remote staff and volunteers are local people who come from the communities they serve.