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we expect the same enthusiasm in giving a new life to the ones who need your help.


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IBAN: PK54JS BL953 0000 00 1931 893

Cases Catalogue

Solar Powered Deep Water Well in SINDH

~ one drop thousand smiles!Another Solar Enabled Water Point Established. Deserving Places we have known only from afar! Campaign of spreading happiness through a drop of water continues… #total_water_provision #PaaniSeyZindagi#one_dream_one_future #dropbydrop~ Drop by drop spreading colors of life

Water handpump in making at THAR SINDH.

Water HandPump and room size mosque construction at Gujranwala.. Water access will serve the localities as free public water consumption point and a mosque room for performing Salah..#paanibarakhazaana #caringforothers #togetherwecan #ServingHumanity #chairtydoings #commuitydevelopmentprojects #syedzamirjafrifoundation #Qadam