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ACCOUNT NO: 000 1931 893


IBAN: PK54JS BL953 0000 00 1931 893


Project: 225 | Water point *Saraie Kharboza* officially launched yesterday with prayers:- The area was surveyed to be highly water deprived area.

Project: 224 | Water hand pumps at various sites of Charsadda *6 x Water hand pumps* at different sites in Charsadda has

Comprehensive Disaster Response Services (CDRS) is a Ngo registered in USA and Pakistan for disaster relief and development work.  CDRS is working dedicatedly

When it comes to serving the children who require a special attention, Hassan Academy Special Education never fails to disappoint us! HASE is

CHAL Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization working for rehabilitation of physically challenged people in Pakistan. The organization is doing an excellent work to improve the

Feed the World is working on providing food to the needy people since 2013. The organization have done numerous “boots-on-the-ground” project to accomplish

Yousaied foundation is a group of people who are actively working for the welfare of humanity. The organization focuses on giving basic human rights to the underprivileged society of Pakistan. YF is

Dastar Khawan Fi Sabilllah is doing an amazing work of feeding poor people every day at various spots in Islamabad and Rawalpindi since 2004. The idea was perceived by their later Father Mr. Habib

Shaoor Foundation is working tirelessly on community development welfare projects. They have a multiple chapter ongoing fulfilling their cause. One of their activity is Rashan distributed