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Our Work Collaboration

Working With Other Organization In These Projects

Charity Doings Rashan Giving Project with CDRS

Comprehensive Disaster Response Services (CDRS) is a Ngo registered in USA and Pakistan for disaster relief and development work.  CDRS is working dedicatedly in Pakistan for providing relief to the people during the emergencies and disasters. The organization also work on long-term health relief programs such as health system and rehabilitation, support to special patients, mothers and child health, young community services and women empowerment.

Charity doings have a strong liaison with CDRS and are working under one collaboration. Charity doings and CDRS have worked in several projects in providing relief to the people of Pakistan during natural disasters. Our recent joint activities were done in Karachi and Sindh in providing water bottles and Rashaan packs to the flood affected families.

Charity Doings Project of Supporting Special Children needs with Hassan Academy Special Education

When it comes to serving the children who require a special attention, Hassan Academy Special Education never fails to disappoint us! HASE is a model institution developed to cater the needs for special children using modern techniques and oral methods of instruction. The institution not only focus on the education of special children but also in unique talents and skill development of boys and girls i.e. sewing and photography teaching. Charity doings have been working closely with team of HASE to cater the administrative requirement i,e. tables, chairs , pencils and toys for the special children in institute. It has been absolutely amazing working with HASE down the road of 3 years. The institute is working their best in providing quality education to special children.

Charity Doings Project of Supporting Physically Challenged People with Chal Foundation

CHAL Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization working for rehabilitation of physically challenged people in Pakistan. The organization is doing an excellent work to improve the lives of underdeveloped and vulnerable communities with the need of special attention due to disabilities. The organization is working tirelessly to uplift the living conditions of persons with disabilities. Charity doings have been working with team of Chal foundation in pitching in funds to cater the needs of physically challenged people.

Charity Doings Project of Food Distribution with Feed the World Organization

Feed the World is working on providing food to the needy people since 2013. The organization have done numerous “boots-on-the-ground” project to accomplish their objective with the intention of eliminating poverty in Pakistan. FTW has been actively involved on various processes of constructive social change with one constructive effort, i.e. to end poverty .
Charity doings have worked numerous times with the team of Feed the World in providing food/iftaar during the Holy month of Ramadan. Food activity is actively commenced under the collaboration of both the organization every year in Ramadan in which thousands of people are fed either with Iftaar or Sahoor.

Charity Doings Project of Rashan Distribution with Yousaeid Foundation

Yousaied foundation is a group of people who are actively working for the welfare of humanity. The organization focuses on giving basic human rights to the underprivileged society of Pakistan. YF is working to uplift the underprivileged and strives to improve the lives of vulnerable communities. Charity doings have worked several times with Yousaied Foundation in a joint collaboration of delivering Rashan Food packs to the needy and deserving people. Multiple Rashan drives have been done with YF specifically in the month of Ramadan. However the activity of Rashan give-out takes place whole of the year but specifically on month of Ramadan, it is broadly focused.

Charity Doings Chapter of “Feed the Poor” with Dastar Khawan Fisabillilah

Dastar Khawan Fi Sabilllah is doing an amazing work of feeding poor people every day at various spots in Islamabad and Rawalpindi since 2004. The idea was perceived by their later Father Mr. Habib Khan and they are carrying on the legacy to-date. The organization aim to feed the community and lessen down the starvation. Determined to alleviate the burden of hunger for the poor, the organization strives in community welfare work where the people are fed twice in day. Charity Doings in a liaison with Dastar Khawan Fi Sabilllah conduct food giving activities various times in a month. This is our active chapter which is ongoing with this organization. Multiple food giving points i.e. Saidpur village, PIMS hospital, F11 kachi basti etc are randomly selected in a month and food giving activities are conducted.

Charity Doings Activities of Rashan Distribution with Shaoor Foundation

Shaoor Foundation is working tirelessly on community development welfare projects. They have a multiple chapter ongoing fulfilling their cause. One of their activity is Rashan distributed co-chaired by Ammara Kazi. The organization is Pakistan’s largest registered network of youth having representation from more than 60 districts of Pakistan. In addition to its extensive national network of partners, it has both formal and informal presence in 93 universities and colleges of Pakistan in all four provinces, Gilgit-Baltistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and FATA. Established in 2008 as a student society at Islamabad, SFEA has been actively engaged in various processes of constructive social change. It has worked with national and international development organizations on projects targeting social/political/behavioral change and academic awareness in the society by working with a vast range of local partners, civil society organizations and activists. Charity Doings have been working with the Administrative team of Shaoor Foundation on the chapter of Rashan giving to the poor and needy people. The chapter was vigorously conducted during the rough times of Covid-19 and Holy month of Ramadan 2019. However the activity of Rashan give-out takes place whole of the year but specifically on month of Ramadan, it is broadly focused with Shaoor foundation.

Charity Doings Foundation community development projects with As Salaam Foundation

As salaam foundation is a non profit organization which provide global humanitarian aid, relief and development with sincerity and compassion whilst saving lives, alleviating poverty, transforming and empowering local communities to ensure well-being and protection of the poor, needy and vulnerable. Charity doings foundation has collaborated with them for multiple water solar projects, wadu khana constructions, various rashan drives in sindh and punjab, wheelchairs distributions for the physically challenged community, and drought relief programs.

Charity Doings Foundation community development projects with Lions Club Islamabad

Lions club is a social welfare organization working for the humanity. CDF conducted a breast cancer screening campaign for non affording women at risk in Rawalpindi region with this organization and intend to do more for the service of community.

Charity Doings Foundation community development projects with Muazzam Ali Shaheed Foundation UK

This trust provides the vulnerable, poor and destitute with basic physiological and safety needs including food, water, shelter, clothing, education and healthcare, as well as belongingness and esteem needs including love, respect, strength and freedom. They also have a hospital facility for the welfare of the needy. Charity doings foundation has joined hands with them in providing relief to the needy in many genres. We have collaborated on water solar projects, multiple food packages distribution in layyah and in providing solar electricity to the deprived areas.

Charity Doings Foundation Project Sahara and Kafaalat with Maskan

Charity Doings Foundations launched a new chapter of project Sahara in the start of 2022, where we teamed with another amazing organization ’Maskan’ Hum Mashal-e-Rah Foundation founded by Amnah Aftab aiming for the empowerment of differently-abled children. Maskan aims for the development of special children by enabling them with a vocational institute where they get to learn a new set of skills i.e. education as well as physical and mental rehabilitation. CDF was honored to be able to join hands with Maskan in this kind act of virtue for the construction of outdoor recreational activity for these special children.