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Case 206 | Buying a Cow for a old lady to setup her livelihood

Mrs. Sardaraan Bibi is 75 years old lady living with her sick and depended husband at Village Badeen, (a village located 45 Km away from Sargodha City). Husband of Mrs Sardaraan Bibi is facing from lever and skin diseases and unable to do any sort of work due to illness. The lady has no male child and no source of earning except a few goats which were being used for milk as well sale of baby goat to get necessitates of life.Last month, 02 goats from her home were stolen, she tried to find out but no result found, resultantly the life became more miserable. Some of her family members donated some medicine and basic necessities to this needy poor family but no one is ready to support her on permanent basis.She has requested to donate a cow, so that she can mange the medicines and day to day expense of the family by sale of milk. CharityDoings and CDRS took up this case jointly and purchased Mrs. Sardaraan a Cow so that can she can make the ends meet for her home by selling milk.#CharityDoings #ServingHumanity #CDRS #Badeen #YourDonationMatters #HelpSomeoneinNeed

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