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Case 204 | Hearing Implant Surgery of 2 years old Taha


Taha is a two years old kid physically challenged of hearing. The boy was born premature due to which both of his ears; listen on less than 100dbm. After the birth Taha was hospitalized for 45 days and was being treated at Nenonatical ward, ICU at Sheikh Zayd hospital Rahimyar Khan. Taha Mother strived hard for getting her son treated by giving the best possible treatment. Taha has been treated in Sheikh Zayd hospital and now the doctors have informed that a surgery of hearing aid must be undergone to restore the sense of hearing.

This case truly touched our hearts as how the family is struggling to have their son hearing senses restored. Later doctors have asked that there is no other way then a Surgery which needs to be undergone to restore the hearing senses.

The amount of Surgery given by Agha Khan hospital Karachi was 1.5 million after the discounts and further reduction on charity quota. The family has been in an extreme financial pressure as this amount is way beyond their reach!

But, when Allah has made the plans it happens all off sudden. Team charity doing apprised this matter to Baharia town charity fund administration and Allhamdullilah the matter was taken up by them. Few amount was raised by us and the remaining approx 1 million by Bahria town Administration, Malik Riaz sb. Amount raised will be utilised in undergoing the surgery. Surgery will take place on winter. All administrative matters are finalised with the hospital.

We wish the family of Taha all the best in undergoing the surgery. All our prayers and sincere wishes are with the Taha’s family. We thank our donors, contributors and group members who pitched in funds for this case along with the major bulk of contribution of Bahria town administration.

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